Glenwood Farm Popcorn Fundraisers

Welcome to a simple, delicious way to raise money!

Our Glenwood Farm popcorn fundraisers are designed to be easy, 1-day or weekend events that garner the highest profit possible for your organization. Traditional fundraisers can drag on for weeks, requiring hours of coordination and volunteer time. We wanted to offer a simple and profitable alternative for church and youth groups in Iowa.

We are a small, family farm that is proud to offer Iowa-grown popcorn in partnership with your group. Our popcorn is non-GMO, air-dried on the cob for the best popping quality. The gorgeous multi-colored kernels become bright white when popped.

See us in action with our 2016 harvest


Your organization pays only $5 per bag; our recommended retail price is $10 per bag. That provides you with a 50% profit rate.

Package options include:

  • 50 bags (minimum order)
  • 75
  • 100
  • 125
  • 150

For those groups located within Marshall County, delivery is free. Otherwise, there is a flat $50 delivery fee within the state of Iowa. Located outside of Iowa? Give us a call to discuss options: 641-488-2217.

By selling Glenwood Century Farm popcorn, you’ll receive:

  •  50% of the profits
  • an all-inclusive “Fundraiser in a box” with:
    • 1 quart bags of popcorn kernels (50 bags min.) labeled and ready for sale
    • marketing materials for table set up
    • promotional ideas
  • personal attention from the people who planted, grew and harvested the product (so we know a bit about it!)

Your customers will receive:

  • delicious, local non-GMO popcorn that pops up like a dream and is grown without chemicals or herbicides
  • 1 quart bags that provide approx. 100 cups of popped popcorn
  • an easy opportunity to support your organization

Interested? Contact us below and we will give you a call to see if a Glenwood Farm popcorn fundraiser may work for your group. And remember – we are farmers, not salespeople. 🙂 No high pressure here!